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Commercial Services

Commercial Services

Dolphin Marine Services Ltd, in Gibsons, BC, provides heavy duty equipment and machine delivery to the small islands and surrounding area of Howe Sound. We are particularly experienced in areas where road access is non-existent – we can get skidders and excavators to your property for clearing, regardless of the terrain. Dolphin Marine Services Ltd also has extensive experience with long hauling from Victoria to Port Hardy.

Commercial services Dolphin Marine Services Ltd provides include:
• Barge and crane deliveries
• Towing
• Salvage services
• Tugboat services
• Water taxi services
• Crew boat services
• Certified occupational, commercial scuba divers (ie. safety divers)
• Barge and log towing

Emergency Response

Emergency Response

Salvage and rescue towing require tugs designed for fast speeds and long-distance towing. Dolphin Marine Services Ltd provides safe emergency response services.

Some of our emergency response services include:
• BC Ambulance Gibsons 1st marine response
• Rescue and salvage
• Oil spill response
• Certified safety divers
• Transportation of Hydro and Telus crews and equipment

Industrial Services

Industrial Services

Dolphin Marine Services Ltd, in Gibsons, BC, has built many docks and floats, in a range of styles. Each type serves its own unique purpose – we're happy to provide a consultation to discuss your options and the best choice to meet your needs. Our certified tradesmen have extensive experience in all aspects of marine fabrication and welding.

We provide a range of other industrial services, including:
• Wharf heads, dock construction and installation
• Certified aluminum welding
• Marine maintenance
• Boat operators
• Marine film coordinating
• Extensive film industry experience

Private & Leisure

Private & Leisure

Get up close and personal with BC’s wildlife and see whales, porpoises and other marine animals in one of the most beautiful places on Earth – Dolphin Marine Services Ltd provides private sightseeing tours in the Howe Sound and Vancouver areas. You can also soak in the spectacular energy of the Honda Celebration of Light in English Bay from one of our boats. We provide transportation to and from the fireworks display each summer.

We also offer:
• Fishing charters
• Marine/dock maintenance
• Sightseeing tours
• Personal charters

Tugs, Barge & Crane

Tugs, Barge & Crane

Built: 1954
Builder: John Manly Ltd
Material: Steel
Engines: 1 - 500 HP Scania with fixed nozzle
Top Speed: 9 knots
Length: 35' Breadth: 9'7" Draft: 5'
N. R. Tonnage: gross - 14.26, net - 9.701
Fuel Capacity: 1150 GAL

Built: 1966
Builder: Fairfield Fabricators
Material: Steel
Engines: 1 – 335 self-propelled single screw
Top Speed: 9 knots
Length: 11.22’ Breadth: 4.45” Depth: .79’
N. R. Tonnage: gross – 9.55, net – 6.49

Built: 1974
Rebuilt: 2005
Material: Steel
Engines: 2 – 475 Detroit Series 60 diesel
Top Speed: 9 knots
Length: 39.6’ Beam: 15.2 Draft: 8.7’
N. R. Tonnage: gross – 23, net - 9

Built in 1993, rebuilt in 2002
Material: Steel
Engines: 1x 353 Detroit Diesel
Length: 57' Breadth: 24' Draft: 4'
22 Ton Manitex
Boom extends to 84'

Water Taxi

Water Taxi

Built: 1990
Builder: Argo Marine Builders
Material: Aluminum
Engines: 1 - 450 HP Yanmar
Top Speed: 24 knots
Length: 30' Breadth: 9'3" Draft: 3'2”
N. R. Tonnage: 3.3 Tons
30' Aluminum Argo Hull, 12 passenger

Material: Aluminum Silver Streak
Engine: 1 – 270 HP Volvo
Rebuilt: 2015
Top Speed: 30 Knots
Length: 18’
Passengers: 6

About Dolphin Marine Services

Dolphin Marine Services Ltd. is a marine service company in Gibsons, British Columbia, on the Sunshine Coast.
We provide quality service in the marine industry with a strong reputation for professionalism and safety. Our crew is highly experienced in boating, marine construction, salvage, towing, emergency response and more, with an array of certifications and classifications that attest to their qualifications.

If you need a marine specialist on the Sunshine Coast, Dolphin Marine Services Ltd provides a range of towing, water taxi, emergency response and recreational marine services. We cater to both residential and commercial clients if you need it in, on, over or through the water, we can make it happen! From getting excavators to your island property, to towing logs up the coast, we are committed to providing reliable, safe and professional service.
Some of our other services include:
• Salvage services
• Tugboat services
• Water taxi services
• Crew boat services
• Certified occupational, commercial scuba diving
• Float, wharf head, and dock construction and installation
• Certified aluminum welding
• Marine maintenance
• Boat operation
• Marine film coordinating
• Private charters for sightseeing and fishing trips around Howe Sound and Vancouver

For more information on our services, give us a call today.

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Freddy vs. Jason – Sum of All Fears – Insomnia – Along Came a Spider – Double Jeopardy – Snow Falling on Cedars – Romeo Must Die – Shiny New Enemies – Firestorm – Cabin By The Lake – Mr. Magoo – Dudley Do Right – Lake Placid – 13th Warrior

Dark Angel – X-Files – Hope Island – Viper – Beachcombers – W5 – Voyage of the Unicorn – Fishing with John – North by North Shore – Gold Rush

Ford – Nissan – A&W

About The Owner
The company is owned and operated by Tom Stenner. Tom has a wide range of experience in the marine field and brings years of commercial, electrical and mechanical trade experience to his work. He holds a commercial marine certification and has a strong work ethic regarding safety standards.

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